School 4 Europe

The School for Europe Foundation (S4E)

The School 4 Europe Foundation was created to support the creation of competitive education alternatives in Central and Eastern Europe, by leveraging the strength of the European Union cultures and building transcultural collaboration.


The School for Europe Foundation (S4E) was established on 3 July 2014 with the radical agenda to propose and build a fresh new fourth way school model for Cluj and it hinterland, the wider romanian state, and for neighbouring countries in eastern Europe which were formerly satellites of the USSR but are now states within the European Union. The Foundation will be headquartered in Cluj-Napoca for perpetuity and is open to expansion for new schools planned inside the eastern echelon of our continent. S4E currently has 12 visionary members engaged in the building of its first education project: Royal School. We are always interested in attracting like-minded new members into our growing team, candidates who are persons of character and vision.