School 4 Europe

The School for Europe Foundation (S4E)

The School 4 Europe Foundation was created to support the creation of competitive education alternatives in Central and Eastern Europe, by leveraging the strength of the European Union cultures and building transcultural collaboration.


School for Europe is designed to encapsulate a new approach to education,  a community resource which will be capable of offering a viable and radical alternative to the tired examples of education prevalent throughout this region of Europe. We seek to offer something radical and relevant to aspirant consumer communities within the newly emergent EU nations of Eastern Europe. S4E intends to envelope the internationalist, political, social and cultural objectives of the EU itself into a fresh new fourth way approach for schools in the Post-Modern. S4E will evolve as a continuously progressive, correspondent and resonant cultural bank for advocating the best and most salient European values. Now is the time for a fresh new departure in education delivery.

S4E philosophy and vision will correspond and conform to the EU Mission Statement. We believe that the future for European Union solidarity, success, stability, safety and security, sustainability and sufficiency lies with her young people and their critical development into meaningful adulthood, through the building of a fresh and relevant learning platform for the generations not yet born. Our critical, coherent, coordinated and constructive educational framework will be necessary to imbue our future citizens with the collective intelligence and ecological awareness to sustain and develop all the criteria listed above. Our children constitute the future for European social, emotional and reflective wealth, and so our school will constitute itself as a cultural bank which seeks to produce and deliver the critically reflective, culturally aware, tolerant, compassionate and internationally-minded citizens that the Post-Modern requires. To these ends, our students will be educated to act as rational and responsible individuals, who are to be self-choosing and autonomous whilst acknowledging that personal proclivities and choices must be voluntarily constrained and fashioned by moral obligations within a broader communal learning framework; where there will be respect and dignity afforded to all children from diverse and different ethnic, cultural and social origins. There will also be equal respect afforded to environment and ecology, community and the world of work. We shall avoid the narrow clichés of so many school vision statements. Our expanded mission is to deliver a totality of education provision and experience which can make a reality of the ideals broadcasted from Brussels.

S4E will beat a new fourth way path with new signposts, towards a new European map for communitarian education. We shall construct a school intended to become a model for emulation in the newly emergent EU member nations of the eastern continent. This is a historical mission that will assist the fuller integration of the new member nations towards a unified European homeland for all of her myriad millions of citizens. The future stability and welfare of the common European homeland will come to rest upon the totality of all its parts. And the greatest challenge of life for European politicians and leaders must be in the provision of relevant and differentiated educational and social development for all of our children. 

Children represent our collective future, and we as parents and pedagogues are their present. How we choose to treat and teach our children today will determine how they will treat and keep our continent peaceful and prosperous in the dangerous resource-challenged decades to come.